Continued Effort Post-I/1456

​​Regarding state representative candidate Mark Greene's leadership on GMO labeling, trying to reverse Congress's unconstitutional bills/laws & get GMO labeling through initiatives on the ballot.

Unfortunately, I-1456 and I-1338 failed to get momentum, but the respect for Mother Nature Comm. of WA will be in the forefront of trying to conspicuously label GMO foods one legal way or the other, something that Congress's Orwellian-named GMO bill that became law fails to do.  Bans on GMO products also need to be considered.

Revived Citizens Party

Help I-1456 (former initiative) sponsor C. Mark Greene become the next state representative for Washington's 30th Legislative District (Pos. 2).  Greene may become the only candidate that is actively supporting GMO labeling, and may become the only candidate that doesn't support the expansion of nuclear energy in Washington or anywhere else, remembering the negative warning signals of past nuclear energy tragedies: "Three Mile Island," "Chernobyl," and most recently "Fukushima."   Greene is for development of more sustainable, renewable, and overall safer green energy sources.

The Revived Citizens Party is the revival, though not officially related, of the old environmentally-conscious, for-the-people 3rd party, the Citizens Party, of the 1970s and 80s.  The Revived Citizens Party was founded by Mark Greene in 2006.  Populist economically, traditional socially, America-centric and basically non-interventionist.  Mark Greene is currently a candidate for State Representative, 30th Leg. Dist. - Washington - 2018 Election.

Federal Way 30th District, State Representative campaign: one small step for a better city, country, and world.​​

Mark Greene for State Rep., 

30th LD, Pos. 2 (G.O.P./Citizens)