​​​U.S. Constitution:

Advocate for a 28th Amendment that says membership in Congress is only for natural-born citizens, a logical extension of Article 2, Section 1 pertaining to the office of the President.  

According to current legal opinion, it's possible to be both natural-born and foreign-born as long as one of your parents is a citizen, and that should be clear for both Article 2 and the proposed 28th Amendment by the language of the new amendment.


Make it harder for real estate companies and tycoons to raise rents for multi-family housing.  Additionally, place a surtax, to provide funding for homeless housing and shelters, on any real estate company that raises rents above 5% in a year.


Enact family-friendly statutes and regulations for educational funding and business and job prosperity.  Education is a 2-way street: and my focus is to provide the policies necessary or helpful for  government, families and students to do their part.   Also, educationally, would like to see the state put a greater emphasis on connecting students to the trades (job fields that have long been understaffed).


Mark Greene is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, with honorable active duty service from 1972-74.  Despite the incumbents' braggadocio about her commitment to veterans, Kristine Reeves gets a high salary from her non-legislative job to work on veterans' issues.  She gets paid good money to be "committed." 

Mark Greene, however, has advocated for veterans, without pay, for decades, including that no veteran should be homeless, meaning the federal and/or state government should provide for basic housing for those veterans that are in dire financial circumstances and homeless.


A state law should be enacted that gives American citizens clear preference for all jobs that they're qualified for.  This should not violate the "national origin" non-discriminatory clause of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964, but Congress and the courts may need to protect citizens' rights better than what current interpretation of laws and regulations, generally, imply or specify.



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