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Paraphrasing "Fast Car," Tracy's 1988 breakthrough song:  "You've got a fast car, and we're gonna leave all this behind."  Right, Tracy, and regarding my campaign, "all this" means politics as usual.  Such a great musician!   Strength & Nation!

Revived Citizens Party of Washington State
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Alliance with the G.O.P./Grand Old Party.

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"Son of America" Press Release

Mark Greene, an honorably discharged veteran (U.S.M.C. active duty; 1972 - 1974), started his active campaign for District 30 state representative, position 2, on February 14th.  Greene previously announced his "Son of America," G.O.P. campaign on November 7, 2017, although the active phase was not planned to start until after Christmas and the early part of winter.  The active campaign will largely consist of door-to-door campaigning, outreach to as many citizens as possible, or interested, and letting the politicians and bureaucrats in the 30th District know that the voices of the Common Man shall be an integral part of the policies set in our city halls and legislative chambers.  

Greene's "Son of America" theme is closely identified with his born-in-the-U.S.A., working class ethos, and his all-American roots that encompasses a pre-Declaration of Independence American ancestral history, which comes from multiple heritages that includes America's first people.  What this theme means, in another sense, is that this campaign is reaching out to all our citizens of America.

Greene's Common Man-themed agenda includes revitalizing and reshaping housing policies that will not shut out low waged or temporarily displaced workers, or the disabled, poor and others not on a high end payroll, from having decent housing, or these days, any housing at all.  Greene's policies will put state pressure on real estate companies and home builders to encompass the entire community in their housing & building plans/policies, not just a certain subset, and if these private companies do not act on behalf of the greater commons, then the state will step up and be their major competitor on the one hand and an overall housing policy setter on the other, with state-sanctioned goals, rules and restrictions on real estate interests that will benefit renters, home buyers and home owners.  Housing that meets the civilizing customs of family or independent living, the affordability of it, and in many ways must become more innovative, will be one of Mark Greene's major initiatives and policy goals while in the state legislature, if elected.

Greene will also be a fervent, inspiring advocate for education for everybody if elected, including focusing more on family and personal responsibility towards learning, along with the educational costs needed for that purpose.  Money is important to run our schools, of course, but all the money in the world spent on education can't put a book in somebody hands and make them read it, thus family and personal responsibility is the most important aspect of learning.  

Greene will embark on a  multi-themed approach to education in general, that includes a greater emphasis on trade schools, and making our colleges and universities more affordable for students, such as reducing the outrageous prices for college text books, and no million-dollar-a-year coaches or university presidents, with the trade-off being much lesser tuition for students, particularly for Washington citizen students.

Greene will work to expand the business climate in Washington and the 30th District through promoting solution-based, problem solving businesses in Washington that want a profitable base, or a non-profit environment, and will find solutions to a host of 21st century problems, such as environmental and housing, that are of concern now or may eventually become a concern.  This expansion would be a major job source for the people of the 30th District.

Mark Greene's housing, education and jobs policies will be unapologetically Common Man-centric and American-centric.  Mark looks forward to debating all candidates who run for position 2 this year and listening to the ideas and proposals of the citizens, who choose not to run, of the 30th Legislative District, that are the cities of Algona, Auburn (in part), Des Moines (in part), Federal Way, Milton and Pacific.

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Send us an e-mail to tell the campaign about your concerns and ideas, and if possible, please make a small monetary contribution to the campaign.  Send contribution to P.O. Box for now, and check or M.O. should state "Mark Greene for Representative" as recipient.  Suggested contribution: $25 or less.

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