​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Opponent: Kristine Reeves​​

The Dems. Potemkin Village Candidate

The Globalist Democratic Party in the Washington State House of Representatives have been so desperate to hang on to their paper thin majority, that they have gone out of their way to give Kristine Reeves a pedestal to stand on, and to build up her stock more than someone of her slim political caliber would ordinarily deserve.  For instance, giving her sponsorship of bills that she did not largely produce or write, if at all, committee assignments not usually reserved for a freshman, and basically going out their way to make her a star with absolutely no independently managed legislative accomplishments or particularly noteworthy personal accomplishments that would be worthy of star treatment.  In other words, Reeves' 2018 campaign will likely be a Potemkin Village undertaking built, paid for and managed by globalist Dems.  

Meanwhile, Washingtonians, sometime in the near future, are going to have to pay extra to get into federal buildings, airports and federally-owned parks, because the State Legislature refuses to distinguish between citizens' drivers licenses or state IDs and the licenses of foreigners; but, lo and behold, we can get a special enhanced license that will take care of the aforementioned problem if we pay significantly more money for one.  That, unfortunately, is the kind of ultra-globalist ideology that affects our pocketbooks and that brings no particular benefit to being a citizen.

​-- Mark Greene, Candidate for State Representative, Position 2



The incumbent Ferrell Mayoralty: "fiscal mismanagement, money-grubbing shenanigans, "Big Brother" rules for apartments, a costly boondoggle, rampant crime, waste, litter, poor re-cycling policies, and listlessness.



Seattle-schooled Sawant-esque, far left radicals and their fellow globalists have all but taken over Federal Way City Hall &  F. W. School Board, in collaboration with coy politicians that hide their real political party, or party altogether, but cast the votes that make the actual policies, including an unprincipled anti-renter agenda.  My former mayoral campaign would have been a way to reject all of these, by committing to usher in a patriotic awareness and People's-economy, and All-American Relief policies.

Mark Greene for State Rep., 

30th LD, Pos. 2 (G.O.P./Citizens)

Mark Greene for State Representative


Federal Way's unsightly litter, garbage and recycling problems have been pretty much unaddressed by the current mayor, Jim Ferrell, who is apparently too busy running errands for his Big Business cronies.  Our, meaning the planet's, major oceans and seaways are being thoroughly destroyed by pollution and trash, with gargantuan garbage build-ups in some of them, and by "gargantuan," we mean the size of some of our states.  Coral reefs, marine life and wildlife are being devastated; all of which are an omen of a greater environmental disaster, which would inevitably have untold but negative effects on humanity.  Today's politicians, by and large, are doing absolutely nothing about this, but if doing absolutely nothing was not bad enough, at least they could take modest steps to keep the awfully bad from getting worst, by implementing and enforcing rigorous recycling rules, cutting down the amount of overall waste through special programs, and doing simple things like making sure plastic bag sales in grocery stores and other shops are drastically curtailed. 
Moreover, we need police enforcement and heavier fines for littering, and an ethics program in the schools to teach youngsters that littering is a bad thing to do and despoiling their own city.  It would help if the city doubled or tripled the number of trash & recycling containers throughout the city.  There are lots of things the city government could do to improve the looks of our city, but the boondoggle-adrift Ferrell government is just whiling away time and doing pretty much nothing.

Contribution Information for the Mark Greene Campaign:

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My Involvement: including this "All-American Relief" State Representative Campaign

Puget Sound Blood Center, now called Bloodworks Northwest: an organization that helps hospitals and medical centers get the assistance they need. 

Democracy In Election Process: an organization that I founded that helps people navigate government institutions, including voter registration and running for office.

As state representative, I would remember the parables of the New Testament in regards to helping those in need. 

I believe in keeping Federal Way more or less the same size as now, and campaigned that way when I ran for Council in 2015.