​​​​​​​Mark Greene (G.O.P.), Faces a Far Left, High Taxing Legislator

Mark will run against incumbent Kristine Reeves, a Far Left Radical Feminist, who wants harsh lock up time for males (and females) for misdemeanor sex offenses, and punitive taxes on anyone visiting legal erotic dance clubs.  Another high-taxing Democrat.

Reeves & Co. (Democrats) May Be About to Shelve the Statute of Limitations for the Accused & Impose Harsh Penalties

Incumbent Kristine Reeves' grade has gone from D to F for trying, through bills she has voted for or sponsored, to lock up, or lock up longer, and tax countless males, inconsiderate of whether they have been convicted of felonies or misdemeanors, are guilty or not, or charged with actual crimes or invented ones, e.g., a $4 fee/tax for every visit by an adult to a legal, adult erotic entertainment venue; consensual adult sexual contracts; and the consideration by the Legislature of doing away with the Statute of Limitations.  These are just some of the restrictions on liberties that Reeves is trying to implement through her bills & votes, or that her politics reflect, and some may have already been implemented into law, unfortunately.

Mark Greene Defends Natural Rights of Citizens; and Civil Liberties, Generally

But unlike the incumbent (Reeves), Mark Greene supports the liberty of all adults, without punitive taxation, to partake in the legal adult entertainment of their choice, with rare or little government regulation, including semi-legalizing consensual adult sexual contracts, although with limits on commercialization.  Consider the hypocrisy of politicians, with the exceptions of coercion or force, and protection of minors, taking a hard line on consensual sex for pay, but not for other, what are widely considered, sexual vices.  Let this largely be addressed in the pulpits, instead of by political demagoguery.

Legislator Moralists Pick and Choose Which Morals They'll Put on a Pedestal and Which Ones Get In the Way of Financing Their Campaigns

Kristine Reeves, an "a la carte" moralist, gets campaign $$ from corporations, gambling, pawn shop & liquor interests, and says little or nothing about high housing costs & apartment rents, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the underlying priorities.

Kristine Reeves says she's working for families, education, veterans, but forgot to mention mostly working for "herself." Rep. Kristine Reeves' probable just shy of $100,000 salary for her non-legislative work involving veterans, and another $47,000-plus for her part-time Legislative salary, puts her well over 6-figures.

More or Less "Under Construction":  Tune In Again, Shortly

This page will have more to it, later, particularly more about Kristine Reeves' poor service to the 30th District.  Meanwhile, the facts above show that Reeves' political career deserves far more introspection than the gloss that her friends in the media, like Bob Roegner, and her political "make-up artists" in high places are desperate to put on her neophyte political career.

Mark Greene officially filed for State Representative, 30th District, Position 2, on May 15th, 2018.  Will be on the Primary Ballot.  Need every supporter's vote.

The Federal Way Mirror: An-Unfriendly-To-Greene-Campaign-Newspaper

The Federal Way Mirror is a very unfriendly newspaper to Mark Greene and this campaign.  They chose this campaign, out of all the 30th District campaigns this year, to put a solely negative spin on it when introducing the candidates on their on-line site (couldn't find that article in their regular newspaper, so at least a small saving grace).  They rarely, if ever, mention that Mark is a veteran or a legal assistant, but they are sure to put professional titles on other candidates. 

Last year, they made a bizarre ad hoc attack on Mark in their editorial, and even tried to diminish Mark's late entry write-in campaign by suggesting, believe it or not, that voters write in another candidate who was actually on the ballot for a different position, but same type of office. 

Their two mainstay columnists, one who is anonymous and more or less moribund this year, if not the same columnist, have been bitter opponents of Mark since his almost successful Federal Way City Council election of 2015, and probably would have won barring their distortions and falsities, especially Roegner's, that some Federal Wayans obviously though unfortunately believed. 

Their former publisher (Alcott) was almost certainly the so-called "Mr. Federal Way."   Just speculating on this point, but Alcott probably either quit the "minstrel" altogether after he left, and the current publisher (Hobbs) took it up sporadically, or Alcott, from Maple Valley, believe it or not, continued with it for a while and tired of it sometime last year. 

Former Editor Jessica Keller seemed to be a spark of some decent journalism at the Mirror before she left, but now it's likely just a Hobbs-run operation, no matter who has the title of editor.

Mark will not be attending any Mirror editorial interview charades this year (they have already proven themselves to be Kristine Reeves' Paper), and not sure if he will take part in any of their candidate forums/debates (you almost have to, however, or Reeves could take advantage of that).  Take with a grain of salt anything this paper says about Mark, either news or editorial.  They appear to be quite content in being very unfriendly to our campaign.


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