Mark Greene for State Rep., 

30th LD, Pos. 2 (G.O.P./Citizens)


C. Mark Greene was the main sponsor of this initiative, a 2016 candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Washington & president of the Respect for Mother Nature of Washington Committee.  Initiative 1456

former co-sponsor: Madelynn Reiman.

Them (Monsanto &  Big Ag.) telling us that we can't know whether our food is GE (genetically engineered) or not is totally unacceptable.


Mark Greene, Chairman of the

Revived Citizens Party; 2006 -- Present

​​Mark Greene's Mayoral Campaign: read more about it in Campaign section, noted above.

Greenness Versus Experience

I probably should have made this as my closing remarks, but I noticed that some people in the audience at the debate seemed to think, given the rate of applause at some points, that I should have been a little more technical in some of my responses than the two candidates for mayor that have, more or less, a combined 20 years in Federal Way government.  Yet, for all of Ferrell's and Honda's experience, there is this perception in Federal Way that particular problems persist for long periods, but are never fully addressed in a way that solves them. 

You see, experience is great to a certain degree, but often overrated, especially when you are so boxed in to certain precepts and orthodoxies that you cannot think outside the box significantly or at all.  No one person is ever going to have all the answers, and there is never going to be a Garden of Eden until the Day of the Lord arrives (as reflected in the New Testament), which is why when we elect individuals to office, we're really electing teams, but at least let's elect a team that has some original ideas and can think outside the box a little, even if the lead person is a little green.  My team may include John Starbard and Melinda Irvine, will be economically-for-the-people, environmentally-conscious, and have an All-American, working-class ethos. 

                             Mark Greene’s Campaign for Mayor of Federal Way 

Mark Greene, a legal assistant and Marine Corps veteran, has recently announced that he is running for Mayor of Federal Way.  Greene has lived in Federal Way for seven non-consecutive years, and has been involved in a variety of community activities, especially his own organization, Democracy in Election Process, as well as the Puget Sound Blood Center (which goes by a new name, now): an organization that gives vital assistance to hospitals and medical centers.  Democracy in Election Process helps citizens with civic affairs such as registration & voting, legal matters, and providing information to citizens who want to run for office. 

Mark Greene, founder of the Revived Citizens Party (an offshoot of the old Citizens Party of the 1970s and 1980s), and picking up where the old Citizens Party left off, is environmentally friendly, including a platform that would greatly improve the natural beauty of Federal Way, with pro-recycling and anti-littering policies, and preserving Federal Way’s woodlands and wetlands.  Greene is also running on a practical management platform that rejects boondoggles, extravagant spending, and outlandish expansionary ideas.  Mark Greene’s philosophy as mayor is agreeing with those citizens of Federal Way, who he believes are the majority, that want to keep our city’s size more-or-less as it presently is.  

Greene, who considers himself a commoner, is running a Commoner-oriented mayoral campaign, as the Revived Citizens Party’s motto is tradition, progress and ecology (pro-environment), and rejects far left radicalism and far right trickle-down (laissez faire) economics, as both of those farthest sides of the political spectrum pretty much collaborate with each other to meet their own interests.  Federal Way’s City Hall is a perfect example of that type of collaboration, as politicians and activists on differing sides of the coin create a kind of strange bedfellows that bring economic and social havoc to the Commoner.  Greene’s campaign, named All-American Relief, will have none of that collaboration, and if elected, will increase the number of police officers in Federal Way, advocate for required ethics classes in schools, and will work for a People’s Economics, a Friendly Environment, and an American-centric, traditionalist outlook.

The GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Controversy in America


What are they hiding?  Labeling GMO food is only information that the public has a right to know.  New concerns come in daily about the hazards of GMOs to health, agriculture and the environment.  GMO labeling of genetically engineered food is simply giving us an option.  Help us get this on the ballot in November with your volunteerism, generosity or simply signing a petition.  This won't get done without individuals stepping forward to help.  The Respect for Mother Nature Committee of Washington isn't relying on big money or the Establishment to make this possible, as the strength of the greater community can achieve this goal.​