Mark Greene for Mayor of Federal Way, Wash.

(Exploratory Committee)

The Incumbent

Active Help

All-American Relief: Help Mark bring freshness & new ideas to a dispirited, feckless City Hall in F.W.  (Election 2017: Aug. 1 Primary)

Jim Ferrell: in Big Business's pocket: fiscal mismanagement, money-grubbing shenanigans, sleaze (e.g., "Big Brother" rules for apartments), costly boondoggles, rampant crime, waste, litter, poor re-cycling policies and listlessness.

For Donation to  Challenger's Committee, send check or MO. to "Mark Greene for Mayor Exploratory Committee:" P.O. Box 25781, Federal Way, WA 98093.  For right now, asking for direct mail donations only until the option of donating through Pay Pal is available.  - Public Disclosure Link.

About probable F.W. mayoral candidate Mark Greene's leadership on GMO labeling: help reverse Congress's unconstitutional bills/laws & get GMO labeling through initiative on the ballot in Year 2018.  Petition gathering will start in March, 2017.

Unfortunately, I-1456 failed to get momentum, but the respect for Mother Nature Comm. of WA will be back next year with a new initiative number, with goal to be on the ballot in 2018.

See "Contact," above, to send note about volunteering or donating; and to see other info.

Spread the Word

As a single individual or group, write for petition pages & collect 570 signatures or as many as you can next year, starting in March.  Five dollar donations when added up together is more than enough to accomplish goal of making this initiative law.

- Public Disclosure Information Link (re. I-1456):    

Donation Link for GMO Labeling Initiative Committee  (for the upcoming, presently unnumbered initiative), send payment to sponsor: Clifford M. Greene ($5 or more) :