The ballot title & summary, as well as the entire initiative, is on the Washington Secretary of State's site under Elections & Voting ("To the People - 2016.")

For Donation to Initiative, send payment to sponsor ($5 or more) :

Use word-of-mouth and social media to let people know that GMO food labeling is back, but this time in a presidential election year in which there will be a broader electorate.  Form groups to get signatures.

See "Contact," above, to send note about volunteering or donating; and to see other info.


As a single individual or group, write for petition pages & collect 570 signatures or as many as you can.  Donations also needed for general costs, even those as small as $5 when added up together is more than enough to accomplish goal of making this initiative law.

- Public Disclosure Information:  



If not you, who?  We need individuals to get one petition pg. & at least 19 signatures each, & groups to get 570 signatures each at 4th of July, 2016 parades. 

Initiative 1456 - GMO LABELING