Mark Greene for Federal Way City Council/P.1
Born in the U.S.A.
Federal Way, WA General Election: Nov. 3, 2015. Mark Greene strongly advocates for making sure that our basic infrastructure needs, such as storm water/sewer systems, roads & bridges are kept up to par, & that budgeting concerns prioritize basic city responsibilities, including public safety, health, provisions for persons in need, and infrastructure repairs & upgrades, as our most important city tasks. Mark, a veteran & long-time resident of Federal Way, is a legal asst. & chair of Democracy in Election Process, which is a civic-minded organization dedicated to helping citizens with civic affairs, legal matters & election processes. Mark is the chairman of the Revived Citizens Party, an offshoot of the disbanded Citizens Party of the 1980s. The overseas diaspora is overwhelmingly supporting (opponent) Assefa-Dawson, with $$, so if American citizens would support Mark Greene with votes and/or $$ (send to P.O. Box), the election pendulum would swing to his favor. Volunteer/e-mail/write.

Contact Information
Email :
Phone : (253) 874-0103
Address :
P.O. Box 25781
Federal Way
WA - 98093
$5 or $10 contributions welcome!