Mark Greene for Federal Way City Council
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Federal Way, WA Progress-Tradition-Ecology: Americana/Evergreen: Primary: August 4, 2015; General Election: November 2, 2015 Volunteers & contributions wanted. Mark is a strong advocate for making sure that our basic infrastructure needs, such as storm water/sewer systems, roads & bridges are kept up to par, and that budgeting concerns prioritize basic city responsibilities, including public safety, health, provisions for persons without homes, and infrastructure repairs & upgrades, as our most important city obligations. Mark, a veteran and long-time resident of Federal Way, is a legal assistant and the founder of Democracy in Election Process, which is a civic-minded organization dedicated to helping citizens with civic affairs, legal matters, election processes, including voter registration, and maneuvering governmental bureaucracy. Mark chairs the Revived Citizens Party, an offshoot of the disbanded Citizens Party of the 1970s & 80s. Vote for the common man's candidate in '15.

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Phone : (253) 874-0103
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P.O. Box 25781
Federal Way
Washington - 98093